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Children represent the future of a nation and wield immense influence as catalysts for change within their families and communities. It is imperative to guide them early, fostering empathy and a sense of responsibility. Recognizing this imperative, BSCT introduced Students Engagement Program that is “Joy Of Giving” (JOG) program in 2022. An essential goal of JOG is to raise awareness among privileged children and their parents about existing inequalities in their surroundings. Through JOG, privileged children gain insights into the hardships endured by underprivileged kids. The program aims to instill a conscience and values, nurturing responsible citizens and potential change-makers. By prompting them to reflect on their own blessings and understand the struggles of less fortunate individuals before their perspectives solidify with age, JOG encourages a positive mindset. Recognizing the value of their privileges, these children naturally gravitate towards positivity, cultivating a constructive outlook. This, in turn, shapes them into not only successful individuals but responsible contributors to society. Within the Joy Of Giving Programme, BSCT conducts engaging sessions in various schools, sensitizing children to diverse causes and prompting them to recognize their privileged status.

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