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Objective: Embarking on an internship at BSCT promises an unparalleled experience. Engage in intriguing tasks, collaborate with a passionate team, and immerse yourself in the diverse initiatives undertaken by BSCT. If you possess an open mind, enthusiasm, and a desire for experimentation while enjoying the process, then this is the ideal opportunity for you. BSCT eagerly welcomes your innovative ideas, incorporating them into our work. While some days may seem routine, your contributions, no matter how seemingly mundane, always hold significant meaning. The primary goal of this internship is to instill leadership qualities in high school and college students, providing them with a platform to explore the professional realm and enhance school and college engagement. Interning at BSCT is a chance to have an enjoyable experience while contributing to positive change. We aspire to unlock a treasure trove of fresh ideas and suggestions that can be embraced by young changemakers. Engagements: For an individual who is willing, multilingual, and inquisitive, the opportunities at BSCT are boundless. Your journey at BSCT will involve a variety of activities that lead to self-discovery while ensuring an enjoyable experience. Throughout your internship, you will have the opportunity to organize and participate in diverse awareness initiatives orchestrated by BSCT. If you possess specific skill sets, kindly inform us, allowing us to tailor your experience accordingly. There is no preferable time to apply, but ensure your availability on the designated days and commit your efforts to the social internship. Reach out to us at with your resume, preferred duration (dates), and location for your internship.

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